Before you speak, know the story

Sometimes things were bitter,
And some things were way too tough,
But the negative things I heard today…
Well, let’s just say “enough is enough.”
You do not understand my past,
You care not what had happened,
You speak from half-truths whispered,
Your knowledge is from a heart blackened.
I was young and scared,
Running from a father hated
My future dead of hope and promise
He made sure my dreams were weighted.
I thought I could change my prospects,
At 17, I knew no other way out,
So I loved a boy who was by my father hated,
Defiance was my only clout.
Trusting they boy with my all
Hoping for the best
Babies soon to be born
Three in 5 years was quite the test.
We raised them in disharmony,
Yet nurtured them the only way we could,
Stupid choices everyone makes,
But together we still stood.
Upon the nest so empty,
Stood the reflection of a stranger,
A woman who never lived her life,
Dreams unfulfilled and a heart full of anger.
You blame the boy I chose to love,
You paint me as the only victim,
But my lot with him was for babies to raise,
Three souls, beautiful and handsome.
Before you allow your mouth to fall agape
Before you spew venom from your lips
Let me tell you a little about me
And not just your random quips.
I will always love that boy,
The one who saved me from my wretch of a dad,
We laughed and struggled
Through good times and bad.
My warning to you,
The one who would speak lies
Remember that all are flawed beyond repair
In someone else’s eyes.