(reblogged) What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

Great post in the link below

What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter.

I really dislike listening to someone’s intolerance of an alternate lifestyle. I really dislike that awkwardness after they have expressed negative feelings about homosexuality then hear my say “my eldest son is gay”. It happens quite often…and I usually go home and cry.

This has ended many a first date because I bring up subjects that are deal breakers and just let the guy talk. I stand up, throw the price of my meal on the table and thank him for being honest, then I walk out.

I do not care one iota if my son was gay from birth or by choice, what I do care is that he, not just as my son but as a fellow creation from God above is not reduced to feeling unworthy of kindness and love. I want my gay son to have the same opportunities in life that my straight children do.

All of my children deserve to be shown unconditional love, and shunning one because of his sexual preference is no different than shunning another because she has 4 children or the other because he lives in Missouri.

I would rather defend love, tolerance, kindness, benevolence, harmony, peace and patience until my dying breath than a person’s interpretation of the Bible. One’s interpretation can be much like listening to the last person in a game of “whisper this”. What is spoken is formed in the mind of an imperfect human with preset ideas molded by other imperfect humans.


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