My love reflected

As i look into deep brown eyes the smile beaming from his lips entices me to lean into him and brush my mouth against his. My gaze is locked as it has been far too long since i saw him last.

The warmth of his breath melts me as i feel his whisper before i hear it. The words grab my heart from my chest and bring it beating out of my body. He unknowingly claims and holds my vitality in his hands as it drips my essence onto the floor. As I bleed into nothingness he gathers me close and claims me as his own.

All of me is absorbed by his warmth and protection as I trust him with every breath i take. He touches me with the tenderness of a  butterfly, wooing me to abide in him yet he does not understand my love for him. He does not understand my trust and adoration because he has not seen what i have allowed him to do.

He has not seen my very life that he holds with care.

How i wish to show him

But i just hold his gaze and die to him.


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