Lessons learned from the elderly…

*Even if you disagree with what they say…shut your mouth and listen because they will tell you their side anyway!
*If you do not watch TV but sit to enjoy a show with them every so often be prepared to only hear 1/2 of the show and explain to them what they missed because they were talking to you.
*If you do not feel well it is your Mama’s right to worry about you
*Allow them to do what they can to help out, it makes them feel of value. Its just like raising kids but in reverse.
*You may not say more than a hello to the neighbor but you mama knows them all by name, where they are from, what they do….
*And finally a lesson learned a very long time ago..your elderly parent may live vicariously through you…be careful how much you tell them unless you want the world to know!!

I love my Mama


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