My love reflected

As i look into deep brown eyes the smile beaming from his lips entices me to lean into him and brush my mouth against his. My gaze is locked as it has been far too long since i saw him last.

The warmth of his breath melts me as i feel his whisper before i hear it. The words grab my heart from my chest and bring it beating out of my body. He unknowingly claims and holds my vitality in his hands as it drips my essence onto the floor. As I bleed into nothingness he gathers me close and claims me as his own.

All of me is absorbed by his warmth and protection as I trust him with every breath i take. He touches me with the tenderness of a  butterfly, wooing me to abide in him yet he does not understand my love for him. He does not understand my trust and adoration because he has not seen what i have allowed him to do.

He has not seen my very life that he holds with care.

How i wish to show him

But i just hold his gaze and die to him.


Lessons learned from the elderly…

*Even if you disagree with what they say…shut your mouth and listen because they will tell you their side anyway!
*If you do not watch TV but sit to enjoy a show with them every so often be prepared to only hear 1/2 of the show and explain to them what they missed because they were talking to you.
*If you do not feel well it is your Mama’s right to worry about you
*Allow them to do what they can to help out, it makes them feel of value. Its just like raising kids but in reverse.
*You may not say more than a hello to the neighbor but you mama knows them all by name, where they are from, what they do….
*And finally a lesson learned a very long time ago..your elderly parent may live vicariously through you…be careful how much you tell them unless you want the world to know!!

I love my Mama

Forever My Nucleus

To my sweet children, there are no words to describe my feelings for you.

I could include the words love, pride, happiness, peace, joy and comfort…however, these words do not begin to scratch the surface of how i feel.

I miss you all, my heart aches to hug you each and tell you how much i love you.

To see the people each of you have grown into does my heart wonders.

I thank the Lord each day for blessing me with you and entrusting me to love you ❤

Des Moines Marina

Oh How I do love this place…when your favorite quiet spot gets so crowded that it’s just a moving parking lot full of  kids its time to move to another quiet spot for the summer. Once the weather gets cooler its back to Seahurst for me. But there is NOTHING wrong with Des Moines Marina, and maybe just a bit more time spent at Coulon ParkDes Moines Marina

Des Moines Marina  Des Moines Marina

Des Moines Marina

Be kind…

There is not one person in this world that can give you the happiness you seek until you find happiness alone. Forgive & accept yourself, be at peace with the person God made in you.

Find a place in your life where you soar in your heart.
Colors fade to black, flowers die, metals rust and things get lost… Accept that nothing is perfect in this world, time is fleeting and sometimes you have to search awhile before you find what you’re looking for.

Do not give up, do not stop searching, trust me, its out there.

Live happily, love with all your heart, forgive without being asked.

Let not your life be confined by social boundaries, there is much good in this world and in the human heart.

No matter what you do…be kind, be a vessel of love and open your mouth to speak only when good can proceed forth.

First sunset of 2013 at Coulon Park

IMG_3424 IMG_3420 IMG_3385 IMG_3381 IMG_3363 IMG_3360 IMG_3356

Easter with Mama


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