Life’s treasured moments…

Since my friend JB revealed a mortifying (so he calls it, he is such a drama queen!!) secret of M&M’s melted on his butt in public I will reveal my most recent embarrassing moment too.
A few days ago i was parked next to a car that had a dog on it, window down slightly, the pup was looking at me so i looked around and didn’t see anyone so I barked at the dog. (yes you read that right) the dogs ear perked up and he was acting all happy… this went on for a couple minutes until i got a text. As i stopped barking and grabbed my phone the driver of the car with the dog raised his seat to the upright position and started looking around like he wanted to see where the other dog was. I kept my head down but felt him staring at me.
As long as we can laugh at ourselves we are gonna be ok people. I don’t think as many people take you as seriously as you take yourself…and you might just give them a smile when they see you are as human as they are!!


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