Herein lies my heart, I pray I am able to do justice to the beauty God allows me to see



Life’s treasured moments…

Since my friend JB revealed a mortifying (so he calls it, he is such a drama queen!!) secret of M&M’s melted on his butt in public I will reveal my most recent embarrassing moment too.
A few days ago i was parked next to a car that had a dog on it, window down slightly, the pup was looking at me so i looked around and didn’t see anyone so I barked at the dog. (yes you read that right) the dogs ear perked up and he was acting all happy… this went on for a couple minutes until i got a text. As i stopped barking and grabbed my phone the driver of the car with the dog raised his seat to the upright position and started looking around like he wanted to see where the other dog was. I kept my head down but felt him staring at me.
As long as we can laugh at ourselves we are gonna be ok people. I don’t think as many people take you as seriously as you take yourself…and you might just give them a smile when they see you are as human as they are!!

I will be thankful for adventures, good and bad.

Now I don’t know what God has planned for me tomorrow but I do know this… No matter how petty, frustrating or meaningless a situation may seem I will be thankful for each one just like I am for happy times!!!

The Multnomah Falls or bust trip was adventurous but some might have called it a bust but not me. On the way up i stopped to take a photo but had a problem with my battery pack. Sigh!! Not knowing what was wrong I plugged in my power inverter and started to charge one battery at a time (I have them both charged over night). As I drove my way up I was 2 miles from the Falls when there was a sports car with two older clueless women stuck in the ice & snow on the road up. With nobody around to help and these 2 not dressed for snow, ice or helping them selves, I pulled over and walked up with my only tool I had. You can laugh when I tell you all I had was an ice scraper. It has done me a great deal of service in not just the job its named for but it also is a wonderful shovel when needed. You see… this monkey knows how to make an unlikely object a tool when needed!!
Well, I got them unstuck with monkey ingenuity and will power then couldn’t get a run at the hill again, so I backed up (down hill), for over 2 miles in the snow and ice on a curvy road. (Side note: I am a bit of a backing up in bad weather coward)!
I learned to trust myself yesterday, more than I ever have before because there was nobody else there but God and me.

I decided to take it slow and not look for the next photo op and see what God had in store for me. What I discovered was land that my heart melted for, with deer, eagles, magpies and farms. Hills and valleys, old barns and a coyote. If and when I ever make it to retirement I have found a place where my soul felt at complete peace.

I actually went and saw Mt St Helen’s from the visitor center. I met a young man who was frustrated with his camera phone and could not get a photo. By that time I got my battery pack to work so I said I would email him photos when I got them edited. He didn’t “not make it” to his destination that day, he deserved his photos. 🙂

Then on I-5 I passed a convertible Mercedes with a guy in it that looked over. i looked back and smiled. He followed me to the gas station I pulled off at and when i was filling up he got out and asked “Amy Bare? Is that you?” This man was a senior when I was a freshman at Sea Pines boarding school in Austria. He remembered the head tilt and dimple when I smile… from 36 years ago. We had an early dinner and caught up on decades of our lives and promised to keep in touch.

My life is not by chance, it has a purpose…so does yours ♥

On the road again

Mt St Helen's

from the Portland Women's Center Lookout

from the Portland Women’s Center Lookout

From the Portland Women's Center Lookout

From the Portland Women’s Center Lookout

Columbia River Gorge Columbia River Mt St Helen's

My heart is Happppppy!!!

Taking off at noon today from work and after I get my oil changed and my tires checked its over the mountains I go. I need to see my family big time.

Y’know those moments when you sit down to do your job, you check the daily email from your supervisor and see she will be gone all day after a meeting ends at 8 a.m. and you know you have to get the ok to be out the next day? Well I had that urge and tug in my heart and shot her an email to get off at noon and take all Monday off.

I didn’t know exactly what I would do so after the boss said yes I sent my daughter a text… maybe my name should be last minute Amy.

Super excited to see them all. just wish I could see my youngest son and his family too