This madness is my sanity in a crazy world

Last Friday I  left work at noon. Mr Canon was my date for the rest of the day. He sat quietly in the passenger’s seat and listened to me sing, unapologetically, off key with Lil Miss Attitude’s radio.

A coworker asked me what I was doing for the weekend…I replied with a smile “driving 145 miles, one way, to watch the sun set on the ocean. When i have taken a few photos and thoroughly enjoyed driving on the beach, getting my car filthy, getting sand on the floor mats and my hair is a disaster from the wind, I will turn back and come home.

She said I was mad… crazy…insane to just drive that far only to watch the sun set.

Well, I informed her that “that madness” is my sanity.

I was going to post several photos but instead I am posting only one, it captures why I drive alone, sing loud and off key, sometimes with only enough money for a couple tanks of gas to get me where I am going and back home, why there is beef jerky and canned soup, water and corn nuts in my car…oh…and gummy peaches, they are a must.

When I go, stress from life bearing down on me, I stop and see the beauty that lies before me… that stress dissipates.Pacific Beach, Moclips, WA


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