Days of December #22…almost home

Palouse Falls Trip (3)

I absolutely love this section of Westbound I-90. It is that sense of “coming home” that surges in my body when I see the last bit of asphalt twisting through the trees before city lights brighten the sky.

Then my stupid brain kicks in, well not “STUPID brain” but stupid…brain. I wonder, every single time I start driving here what size rock and what grade/viscosity the oil is that makes up this road.

The oil used in making asphalt is “bottom of the barrel” crude. It is what’s left after things like kerosene, gasoline and naptha have been removed from the crude. I guess I would equate it to regular olive oil, you know like the tasteless stuff produced after the 4th or 5th pressing. Kinda sorta. The rock and aggregate is made up up specific sizes too. Depending on your elevation and historic weather make up of where the road is to be built there is a specific formula used to make the asphalt for that road.

There are just some things in life that you learn and never forget when forgetting would be just fine. I do not foresee ever needing to make my own asphalt or needing to know what grade crude to use when doing so but sometimes the brain is just programmed to trigger certain info with specific visual cues.

I think it would be just fine and dandy to look at the trees and sky and beauty of that instead.


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