Days of December #20…running out of time

  1. 12.21.12

So I guess I have 2 hours and 25 minutes left to live… and I am laughing… One of the major planetary alignments was in the year i was born and look what happened, y’all got me. WAHOOO 😛

Some wacko woman claimed she was chosen to warn mankind about an event, stating she was “chosen by an alien race” and had some device implanted in her brain as a child…and that the information was about Nibiru ( an imaginary planet) colliding with earth, throwing us into a polar shift that rips the fabric of us apart. Well I guess that when her May 2003 date of the end came and went then the date was moved to December 2012, taking from the Mayan calendar and giving her theory substance.

It is too late for me to go on…my head hurts from trying to fathom how people will buy into a story so they can belong to something…


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