Days of December #19…



Natures nice lil packages. This photograph  was snapped as I rested my camera on my feet.

Now my vision, even wearing trifocals, sucks. I could see the different colors and the way this green looked kind of like lettuce, then something off white woven into it. Something…just the colors. So i put the camera on my foot and clicked away, moving it slightly… trying to get it “just right”.

For me nature is serene, the sounds and the sense of peace I get is more profound than anything I see because what I see has very few details. The magic of vision happens on my computer. I can zoom in, lift and tilt my head until until it I see the details clearly.

My vision, when it was 20/20 saw horrible things, I lived in a state of turmoil and tears of sadness, loneliness, and survival flooded my eyes quite often. In the past 5 years my vision has gone from needing reading glasses to wearing trifocals. Now my life is wonderful..I am at peace more than I ever have been in my life and the beauty I now have time to see is looked at through lenses made of plastic.

Still…I am thankful the God in heaven above for the blessings he rains upon me each day.

The irony of how life is makes me think back to the black and white Twilight Zone. Every episode was a lesson in irony, it seemed. When I think of visual irony I remember one particular episode of this show, probably the only one that ever impacted me enough to make me remember… a man, older, his life is busy, everyone wants a piece of his time and all he wants is time to read… events happen and he is now alone…in the world, nothing but time, to read to his hearts content. Then his glasses fall off and shatter on the ground.

Since this episode I have tried to never wish too big and when I do wish I am very careful what I wish for… because the saying is more true than not…for you just may get your wish.


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