Predators, in plain sight, robbing and pillaging as we sit and watch

I decided to open my mail this morning…i have this cute little loan offer for up to $2000. I love to read the details on the back…just for laughs… So today I read this one…and I almost died 299.17%-378.96%. Did you know that I can borrow $700 and make 14 biweekly installments of $116.63. Yep.. I can pay $1632.82 to have $700 in my account tomorrow.

Can someone please tell me who runs these companies and why are there no regulations prohibiting this?

This letter says how wonderful the offer is because it is not as high as 3 other companies it names specifically with loan rates of 664.30%, 661.77% and 485.45%

I did some digging..because thats who i am…and it seems that the lender is a Texas based company…working with a Native American tribe, whose sovereign nation status keeps them from having to comply with state lending regulations.

This predator is the least of our worries in the days to come as this world grasps onto any normalcy to regain its equilibrium.


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