Days of December #16…Innocence Lost

running away from his grandpa

This post is to honor the lives of victims around the world.

No one is born into a sinless existence. We, as adults, are charged with the teaching these small ones right from wrong, good from bad, yes from no, safety from danger. So often people forget the charge they have been given because they have forgotten that this child needs nurturing, loving, safety, guidance and discipline. They see this little human being as “My” child, and any beauty of the little one puffs up a parent when someone praises this child… That sense of pride a parent has often leads to abuse and neglect of this child when they act badly. The bruising, the broken bones, the fear of ostracism, the ringing in the ears of profanity…none of this teaches a child right from wrong. What it does teach them is the fear of disappointing someone, the fear of making decisions because if they choose incorrectly they will be punished and hurt.

It is time to remember to teach these children, to guide them and give them coping skills, decision making skills, to keep them safe and to allow them to discover their world in the safe parameters of love and  true discipline. Teach them that failure just means they have the opportunity to try again and is not the end of the world.



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