Days of December #15…brains!!

the Battle

My left brain… Gray matter where words and thoughts are married by steam punk gears and gadgets. Things make sense, they are orderly and clean. The emotion of the left brain is kept meticulously clean by this little robot that only sleeps a few hours each night. Usually the sound of ratcheting and building rooms is abuzz inside my head as this robot categorizes and files thoughts and memories…alphabetically, in date order!

Then there is my free willed, free thinking, dance by the light of the moon right brain. Always watching and looking for opportunity to stick a finger in the left side and  tip the apple cart…whats a right brain to do when the damnable robot next door stays awake making noise?? With pirouettes of joy this side waves its arms like a mad scientist reaching victoriously or the sky, laughing maniacally when the robot is sent into a tizzy to clean the mess just made.

Such is the emotion of my head…the one side separating  and distinguishing feelings and the other side embracing and loving each emotion as only it can. The right side finds beauty in almost anything while the left side shakes it’s head at the confusion it sees. The left side is old, having lived a 150 year life in just 50 and the right was brought to life from its dormant stasis less than 5 years ago.


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