Days of December #14….How I met Bill…

So, this photo was one the very first I ever took with Canon. I love it.

I submitted it to a fellow bloggers site for photo of the day. He chose it…i was stunned but ever so thankful as it encouraged me that i was doing ok at this photography thing.

I met my dear friend Bill Jones Jr through this. He liked the photo and commented on it…I went to his blog and began to read. Bill can be rather abrupt but that is a quality in a man that many times works for me. I have that certain special someone to comfort me but the other men in my life…i desire abrupt truth, raw feelings and emotion. I do not want to be coddled by men, it doesn’t impress me at all when I am struggling to have a man get close to me and “make me feel better”. Just tell me the truth and if it hurts… well then it hurts. I will not die, i will become a stronger person in the end. Bill is one of these men in my life and I love him dearly for his candor.

I am too tired to write a long time… i hope you enjoy the photo.

Snoqualmie Falls, WA 2.5.2012


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