Days of December….#13, Mermaid in the clouds

Sunset by the Dungeness River5

So very many times when standing with Canon in hand I will see exactly what I want to capture, in this photo it was the feeling of home that I sensed. I saw the beautiful farm houses and the gorgeous sky above (Maybe photographers only see beauty in dark and gloomy skies).

My heart was just full of love for this place, I stood at the edge of someone’s just plowed field and could smell the earth. Though it was not raining the faint scent of petrichor was in the air. Almost like the dry ground was begging for the rain to fall. My friend, Rich, and I stood there and I asked him… do you smell that? He couldn’t, but then again he lived here in Sequim. He lived away from the pollution of the big city.

I bent down and picked up a handful of soil and stuck my nose over it. It was definitely the what I smelled. He said something about crazy city girls that love dirt, then laughed.

I proceeded to give him a lesson in science, how soil and rocks will absorb the oils and bacteria of plants that have decayed, and when it rains the “smell after the rain” is actually the spores released into the air, in droplet form of  this bacteria, and it is called petrichor, deriving from two Greek words Petra for rock/earth and ichor which is the blood or fluid that flows in the veins of Greek gods.  I then said “shut your eyes and just smell again.” He did then looked at me and said in the best Forrest Gump impression on the planet “Jennnny, you have forever spoiled the magic of the smell after the rain. I am gunna always think like a geek when I smell this. Momma warned me to stay away from you because you are trouble. I don’t think we can be peeeaaaass and carrrrots any-more Jennny.”

When I got home the next day I processed this photo and discovered in the midst of my geekiness and science lesson I gave Forrest there was this mermaid swimming in the clouds above us. She was as plain as day, looking down and the two of us, probably laughing.

In the midst of the science of it all I see God’s grace and love. I see the ecosystem of this world we live in and how He has created all things in balance, how He has created the small wonders of the pleasant petrichor, the hues in the sunsets, the mermaids in the cloud formations, the joys of friendship and laughter, the sound of a river flowing gently just across the county road from where I stood. I am reminded that if it were up to me I would not have the faintest clue in this geeky brain of mine how to put anything together and make it thrive and sustain from other things in the ecosystem it lives in.

To everything there is a purpose. We know not what that purpose is until we see it in hindsight. All of our planning could go awry with just one miscalculation and the path of that purpose can be eternally changed.  I am thankful that God has His hand holding my world steady enough for me to stand but loose enough to teach me balance.



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