Improve your arguement…Days of December #9

Don't raise your voice

No, its not a photo of mine but I LOVE this.

I think that having enough knowledge about how you feel is imperative to any discussion.

How sad is it when you have heard an idea that sounded great because it was presented in a pretty package and when you bought the idea and unwrapped it you found out you were duped? How often will people ignore you, when speaking about something that is truly wonderful and worthy of conversation, because you talk just to talk and be part of the crowd?

Its ok to admit you do not know something or don’t know enough to have formulated an opinion. Its ok to sit back and listen to others speak, letting the topic pan out without your opinion.

At work I am the “digger” on our team. I have this inane need to know how something works so if it breaks I can put it back together. I love to write standard processes and test them out to make my work more efficient.

What I do for a living is this… I do follow up billing on governmental billing for a hospital. What does that mean, I can probably find almost ANYTHING in a google search and can navigate a Medicare website with rapidity. I have learned that you never  trust a website that has the phrase “I think” in it. Everything must be the gospel according to CMS, not left open for interpretations and second guessing. If you can quote chapter and verse of a claims processing manual, or AMA CPT code book… that’s half the battle. The other half is finding time to do your job and dig at the same time.

But the one thing I know… do not go to a gun fight with a knife…know your stuff before you open your mouth…and finally…decide when its worth being heard.


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