Pink & White…Days of December #6

Pink n White

I am smiling as I write this…thinking to the day I took this photo. At this teensy lil town called Snoqualmie is a railroad park. The trees and flowers all in full bloom made for the perfect day of playing with my camera.

I took some interesting pic of the tracks, the park…but this one i love. I stood under the tree and looked at all the angles and just kept clicking. I took one step back and smacked right into a man with a camera doing exactly what I was doing.

Needless to say I was embarrassed for bumping him mid shot and he just laughed.

He explained to me that he had purchased his camera just a month prior and was so confused about settings and such that he put the manual down and just decided to go out and hope to run in to a professional photographer. Then he says “I have been watching you for almost 45 minutes and how you look at your world then how you tackle it with the lens. How long have you been into photography?”

I smiled and pulled my hand out to count on my fingers… up goes my thumb, index then middle finger. “Three months!!”

I got the “No Way!!!” from him and he asked if I knew about shutter speeds and F stops…and with the tilt of my head I must have looked incredibly puppy like…I said “Not a clue.”

As I explained… the green button is my friend he laughed and confessed it’s his too. I then explained what my my best friend said when I made the green button statement to him…”you will outgrow that green button when you realize you have done all you can do with it…then I foresee you delving deeper. And I don’t think it will take too long until you tire of auto-focus.”

It took 9 months until I felt hungry for more info and I am slowly easing into it. Maybe as the winter months settle in more I will commit more time to my online photog classes.

As for this photo…as I played with it my mind was taken back to the sheet sets that had patterns like this…and the cute little girl t shirts and matching panties that had pink flowers on them.

i LOVE this photo. probably one of my favorites.


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