Trying to off my Mama with a pizza box

So… I tried to do Mama in tonight with my weapon of choice… A Pizza Box!!!
I loaded up the little pull basket with groceries and had another 3 bags to carry that I set on the ground. I pulled her walker out for her and shut the back door. Grabbing the pizza box from the top of the car, with all intentions of setting it on the seat of her walker to push in, I swung around and she had walked closer to me… I proceeded to smack her in the side of the head. My rain coat hood was hindering my vision and all I heard was THWACK… OWWWW!
I quickly pushed my hood back and looked at her, standing in the rain rubbing her head while giving me this “What the heck did you do that for” look.
This is where the part of me I dislike the most shines… I busted up in laughter, trying to ask if she was ok. She started laughing and told me to move… the race was on to get us both in the apartment and to our respective bathrooms in one piece and in a hurry.


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