Heroes….and rock bands

I absolutely LOVE music, not all of it but most of it. Among my favorites is a little band called  Queen. Years after the death of the beautifully talented Freddie Mercury there is this voice of the band in Brian May.

This man has intrigued me about the connection of music and a scientific brain. I wonder if there is a connection… and i think i will look into it a bit more. My hat’s off to Brian for earning his PhD in Astrophysics in 2007. I wonder if his dissertation “A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud” is available to read.
My heroes do not wear capes and tights and masks, they do not hide behind an veil of anonymity and they do not live in a fantasy world. My heroes are men and women that have taken the initiative to use their God given gifts to spark the longing and desires of their heart and mind and follow their dreams. They are the men and women who have taken the gifts and wealth they have been afforded and use(d) them to help others. They are the people who push the limit to accomplish wonderful and great things on some scale, whether it be small or grandiose.

Okay…random thoughts tucked back in my Pandora’s box, lid shut and hasp shackled…time to get my butt to work. I think the coffee has kicked in finally.


Tuesday happiness abounds…have a joyous 27th of November everyone.


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