The great Great Dane…truer than any human

Saw a brindle Dane-Mastiff mix with his owner yesterday… i said hello to this beautiful dog and in turn was greeted with a lean only the way a Dane can lean on someone and the beautiful face looking up while resting against me.

My heart ached for my Evah all over again, a truer friend I have never found.

She would sit at my side for hours when I was ill, licking my forehead when my fever would spike.

She would wiggle her nose under my blankets and onto my legs 5 minutes before my alarm would go off so I didn’t have to listen to it. And she knew the weekend, as she would climb on my bed and snuggle up and just sigh, then proceed to snore in my ear.

When she would chew something up she would hide it under her bed and then run and sit on the bed when i would come near. When i asked “What did you chew up?” she would hang her head and move off her bed.

She would stand between myself and anyone who came close enough to hug me, just stand there and stare with that “you have to get past me…” look.

She would lean her 125 pound frame against me waiting for her back scratches, and if she was bored with that her big ol’ head was usually in my lap looking up with that pay attention to me look.
Danes take a lot of understanding as they have no idea they are not a chihuahua. They lean, and lean..and lean…and park themselves on or near you having an incredible need for closeness. Touch from their human is imperative to their health.

I cannot picture myself with any other breed than a Great Dane.

The reactions from people always made me smile… the most common question “Is that a Great Dane?” Truly i do not believe many people have encountered such a gentle giant before.

Evah…my love… i miss you so very much


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