I truly believe the best weapon we have in any battle is the least used…The Brain.

“it is easy to control the ignorant for they do not investigate the validity of that which they follow”…amy somday

To the man who calls me friend but only speaks to me about the “woes of the health care reform crap” because I work at a hospital and should understand it and be able to defend it:

Before you verbally attack over things that have been spoonfed to you by whatever media you are listening to… I challenge you to use your college educated brain, the one you wave like a banner of pride and remind me i do not have, and go to healthcare.gov and open the pdf and start reading the act. Mind you, it may take awhile since it is 2409 pages long.

When you are done please feel free to come back at me and tell me that this was a “magic wand” waved by the President in order to detract the people from “viewing the real facts of this nation”.
It is a sad time our nation has reached when “we the people” think we are too busy to fully investigate what we are fighting for or against, when we buy in to what every one else tells us is true because we believe we have “like minds and values.”


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