Love, acceptance and who i am…

I have been thinking…

Please do not ever think I am out of touch with reality when I insert a “love you” in my emails or posts.

I have always loved… I have this enormous heart that has an incredible need to love others. INCREDIBLE NEED!

I have had people tell me… but I do not love the way you love. I smile and just ask to allow me to do as my heart commands.

I am not seeking in return any kind of undying vow or unfelt words. Please don’t be taken aback when I say I love you, because I do.

God put you in my path to teach me something or to be taught something… I never know what that is but i do know my heart.

Thank you for heeding the voice that said to spend a brief moment of eternity enjoying each other’s company.



This is my former cat, Boots, who could not meow, always slept under my bed and could not leave Evah, my late love, my best friend and the world’s best Great Dane, alone. I think of them both when I think of how unconditional love should be.


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