Seeing through my eyes…

I have a somewhat large circle of photographers that I follow on G+ and one of my “interests” in Facebook is called  “photographers”.  Even friends photos I will look at and enjoy their work immensely. I love to see through the eyes of people who understand what makes a great shot or great composition. As I read their posts to go along with their pics I weed out the people who are just in it for the business side…promoting their wares. I understand the whats and whys but I really don’t want a sales pitch of what you have to sell or can teach me.

The ones I follow tell the story, how they took the shot, what they looked for, how they felt, whom they were with, why they chose one place over another. In their sharing I have learned they have perseverance by waiting patiently for the sun to set, or a tide to come in, how cold it was the morning they walked in the fog, etc.I am thankful for the humility other people have when they tell of their failures  on the journey.

The best quote I have ever been told is this:

“Failure is not the end, but if you never begin the journey you have truly failed.”

Now, I may never be able to afford a camera like the “big boys” shoot with, however most have said at some point or another that its not always the latest and greatest that makes the awesome photo, it is knowing how to set the shot up. What aperture, f stop…all of that matters the most.  Along with that it is stressed that you take your time, play with the camera.

I am learning, bit by bit. I have taken almost all of my photos using that cute little magic green “auto” setting and when I have ventured outside the box I have used landscape and macro modes. I am going through two inexpensive courses I purchased through

I have begun the basic course and have listened to a couple of the lessons 3 or 4 times. I know I will not wake up one morning and even pretend to take a shot like Jay Patel, Gary Randall, Mike Shaw, Elia Locardi or Bill Jones, but I was not meant to.

While I love their photography immensely one day when I have a photo that matches their quality, and when I do they will all be just as far ahead of me as they are now.

I have had so many people comment on the “beauty” of my photos. To this I will say thank you and strive to do better. For me this journey began as a way to categorize memories to help me with writing but I have discovered a passion I only thought was a far fetched dream.

I have found deep inside me a yearning to drive… Just drive, with Canon in my passengers seat, a coffee or tea in the cup holder, music turned up, full tank of gas and the road ahead. I spend time singing, talking with God, and seeing the beauty He has blessed me with.  The photos are my memories…my way of remembering how thankful I was to see a dead tree trunk and consider its history in this world, or a dying maple leaf stuck to a car door from the rain, or even the beauty of a very awful smelling flower. .. nature…

I know I do not look at the beauty of this earth as many do, so photographing and sharing with others is my way of saying… look at what you are blessed with and take for granted, consider that there is so much more than “us” that has been created.


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  1. chris stewart
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 03:35:31

    beautful photos come from people who are beuatiful inside like you 🙂


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