Absolutely in heaven on earth

It has been close to 10 months… but my best friend, absolute BEST FRIEND, will be here soon, as in 1 week, 13 hours.

This girls 50 year old heart feels 12 again. Movies, endless geeky talk over Mongolian Grill, Laughter, Embraces, who knows I may even dance with him.

If you have never had a best friend to love, with all of who you are, you need to find one. I would give my life for this man. The worlds most accepting, pushy (in an awesome way),  ‘believe the best of you’ man I have ever met in my life.

The most wonderful thing about him… He is not afraid to grab my hands and pray for me or anything else. Well not while I’m driving, that’s just crazy talk!!

If you cannot tell I am excited just ask my Mama… I have been lightfooted, singing off key and acting like a fool since I heard he was coming. I mean I am a very happy person anyway but Mama told my sister in a phone conversation a week or so ago “Ohhhh the house is a happy place, she’s acting like a kid waiting for a present. She is doing that high pitch doo-dee-doo la-la-la-LAHHHHHHHHHH thing she does when “he” comes!! If that boy doesn’t know she’s in love then he’s a fool.” (I scolded her for that last remark.)

Ever since he said “you are in sooooooooooo much trouble” which equates to “I will be flying to Seattle”, I have been the biggest dork. There is very little anyone can do to being my soul back to earth.

This is the music that plays in my head when i get to see my very best friend…


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