Saturday morning coffee

Oh for the love of coffee.

Fully admitting and embracing…..

I am what you would call a coffee snob. So much so that I would turn up my nose at even Starbucks because their coffee tastes burnt. The only restaurant I have found that serves a decent cup, bold and strong enough for me, is Olive Garden.

Even my friends poke fun at me. (sigh)

On a road trip with ‘my lovely’ Tina we stopped at this wonderfully quaint restaurant, The Blackberry Cafe, in Joyce, WA.

So very mom & pop! We ordered coffee and breakfast. The smell was wonderful as the cups (not restaurant cups, but kitchen mugs, one was red with hearts and the other pink and said I love you on it) were set before us. I should have just held the darn cup and sniffed the aroma. Tina smiled after her first sip, exclaiming “Oh this is yummy coffee!!” I sipped and looked at her over the top of my glasses with that “you have to be kidding me” look, then poured more sugar and cream in mine, stirred and gulped it down. She smiled and said…”Oh I forgot, you grind your own fresh every pot you make!”

It must have been that shudder or scrunched nose that made her face broaden with a grin. I smiled back and quietly disagreed with her. “It’s nasty and disgusting” had just left my lips when the waitress was back with that steaming hot pot of blech.

“Some more coffee”?

“Oh no, this is quite enough for me. Thank you so much though.”

Well, at least I didn’t lie.

Tina’s blackberry pancake came out on one of those old, and I mean OLD Correlle ware plates, you remember the white plates with the little green flowers, which made my coffee but a memory as I smiled.

Less than 2 minutes later I am staring at the yummiest looking fried potatoes with onions and a couple slices of bacon and rye toast.
It was a very lovely breakfast indeed.

The road trip was fantastic, though cloudy in the most picturesque of places. Loads of laughter, absolute acceptance that Tina is a Twilight dork and I needed 1 or 2 double shot espresso drinks at every pit stop I made.

I do love my Saturday morning coffee. I think I will just have to buy myself a big ol’ thermos for road trips.


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