Captain’s Log; Star Date -310227.041748886

Yes there is a star date calender for you Start Trek fans…

Star Date Calculator

To the men in my life whom I have asked help from,  Thank You All!!

You know who you are; AH, BJ and TP!!

From the NASA links for children to the in depth talks about “The Universe” series to the thoughts of Boeing tours: Thank you all for being a part of my life.

I look forward to a journey yet to come in my life. One of exploration with my eldest grandchild into an expanse of life that intrigues, yet baffles me. I have loved aeronautics since I was young…no not flying but the thought of flight. How the most miniscule of details must be so very precise for this to happen. And with T’s curiosity of outer space, I have begun a journey he has yet to know that he is invited on. I have emailed the NASA links to my daughter and the first season of “The Universe” is on its way here. I cannot wait to gift wrap it and send it as an early birthday present for this soon to be 9 year old.

With being home schooled, T has many opportunities to embrace an extracurricular study if he wants to, however my concern is my daughter, and her time to do “it all”. My heart leapt joyfully when she asked me “If he writes, will you write back?” “Absolutely, unequivocally yes!!”

So, the deepest thankfulness to the intelligent men in my life that have been so willing to assist me with beginning this. May my grandson grow up with the intelligence, hunger, wonder, drive and opportunities of the three of you put together.


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