Before you speak, know the story

Sometimes things were bitter,
And some things were way too tough,
But the negative things I heard today…
Well, let’s just say “enough is enough.”
You do not understand my past,
You care not what had happened,
You speak from half-truths whispered,
Your knowledge is from a heart blackened.
I was young and scared,
Running from a father hated
My future dead of hope and promise
He made sure my dreams were weighted.
I thought I could change my prospects,
At 17, I knew no other way out,
So I loved a boy who was by my father hated,
Defiance was my only clout.
Trusting they boy with my all
Hoping for the best
Babies soon to be born
Three in 5 years was quite the test.
We raised them in disharmony,
Yet nurtured them the only way we could,
Stupid choices everyone makes,
But together we still stood.
Upon the nest so empty,
Stood the reflection of a stranger,
A woman who never lived her life,
Dreams unfulfilled and a heart full of anger.
You blame the boy I chose to love,
You paint me as the only victim,
But my lot with him was for babies to raise,
Three souls, beautiful and handsome.
Before you allow your mouth to fall agape
Before you spew venom from your lips
Let me tell you a little about me
And not just your random quips.
I will always love that boy,
The one who saved me from my wretch of a dad,
We laughed and struggled
Through good times and bad.
My warning to you,
The one who would speak lies
Remember that all are flawed beyond repair
In someone else’s eyes.


Sweet Dreams She Said…

And on the mantle sat a candle lit
Whispers of slumber in a little bit
Kneeling in prayer, words of praise
Thank you for such glorious days
Tucked in and kissed tenderly goodnight
With a shallow breath she blew out the light
Tussling my hair, sweet dreams she said
Time to sleep, time for bed.

(reblogged) What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

Great post in the link below

What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter.

I really dislike listening to someone’s intolerance of an alternate lifestyle. I really dislike that awkwardness after they have expressed negative feelings about homosexuality then hear my say “my eldest son is gay”. It happens quite often…and I usually go home and cry.

This has ended many a first date because I bring up subjects that are deal breakers and just let the guy talk. I stand up, throw the price of my meal on the table and thank him for being honest, then I walk out.

I do not care one iota if my son was gay from birth or by choice, what I do care is that he, not just as my son but as a fellow creation from God above is not reduced to feeling unworthy of kindness and love. I want my gay son to have the same opportunities in life that my straight children do.

All of my children deserve to be shown unconditional love, and shunning one because of his sexual preference is no different than shunning another because she has 4 children or the other because he lives in Missouri.

I would rather defend love, tolerance, kindness, benevolence, harmony, peace and patience until my dying breath than a person’s interpretation of the Bible. One’s interpretation can be much like listening to the last person in a game of “whisper this”. What is spoken is formed in the mind of an imperfect human with preset ideas molded by other imperfect humans.

One of those things in my life I am happy I got to do


To sit with a dear dear friend in Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley and sing Me & Mrs Jones with Tower of Power.

Thank you Larry Braggs for all the years with the band ❤

The Obligation of Being a Photographer

Photofocus (old site)

I don’t usually step up on my soapbox… but I feel the need to now. I am not going to talk about violence, social contracts, civil rights abuses, or war. I have my feelings about all of those, but this is not the place.

What I am going to talk about is the obligation that I share with many others… that of being a photographer and a storyteller. I studied journalism and worked in the field for many years. I left in part because I became frustrated with the path that it was on (and have since become even more frustrated). Journalism is about reporting and discovering the truth, not spewing opinions and repeating the same images repeatedly until they imprint upon the brain.

Many of you reading this website have the knowledge to create. Perhaps it’s photos, video, or words. You know how to tell a story and show…

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Kicking and screaming

Before I get in my car and drive I am gonna rant!!
Last Saturday while shopping I had an anaphylactic reaction to something…and it was in the bread and coffee aisle and since i went gluten free by choice I am now gluten free by happenstance (the hives when eating something cross contaminated is aggravating to say the least) so I am assuming the reaction was bread related.
Now I need to figure this thing out…carry Benadryl…make sure I don’t need an epi-pen… (bleh)
Then yesterday… a week before I turn 51…i had my first “hot flash”.  it SUCKED!
Y’all may laugh but I am here to tell you God has heard about it and I am not happy!!
I may go kicking and screaming into the next phase of my life…

I Am Still Trayvon

I Am Still Trayvon.


Thank you Bill ❤

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